Exposition collective Teenage Fever | Galerie M – Toulouse

Teenage Fever Anna Schmidt, François Patoue, Geoffrey Benhamou, Jan Zoeller, Pedro Ruxa, Tommy Lecot 

Du 12 février au 6 avril 2019 –  Vernissage mardi 12 février à partir de 19h.


Teenage FeverYour heart is hard to carry after dark
You’re to blame for what we could have been
‘Cause look at what we are
Your friends are scared to tell you you’re in too far
Funny that it’s always been all about you from the start
I met someone new last night and we kicked it
And I’m going back there tonight
And you know what’s on my mind, this time
Going back there tonight
And you know what’s on my mind

Teenage Fever – Drake

François Patoue – www.patouefrancois.com
Geoffrey Benhamou – www.geoffreybenhamou.com
Jan Zoeller – www.janzoeller.com
Pedro Ruxa – https://pedroruxa.hotglue.me/
Tommy Lecot – https://www.tommylecot.com/

Galerie M 29, rue bouquieres 31000 Toulouse 

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